Gas Needle Valves

  • Technical Specifications

Needle valves in branches that require high pressure and low flow is used. The valve of stainless steel (SS304) is made. This valve design and production of the Gas Souzan company These valves are installed mainly on routes   
Which is supposed to be done in this direction flow control.
From the use of such pressure control valves can be used in pumps. Also as part of the components of the automatic combustion control systems (where flow regulation is of particular importance) are used.
Gas Souzan  company production of this type of valves which include:
1-Needle valve :1/2 to1/4 inch in size with maximum working pressure 10000psi
2-Gauge needle valve (gauge valve) 1/2 and 1/4 inch in size with maximum working pressure is 10000psi accordance with the standard IGS M -pl-003
3-(Three valve manifold) 1/4 and 1/2 inch in size with a maximum working pressure of 6000 psi with a standard IGS M -pl-003.
Needle valve manifold



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