Before regulator valves size 3/8 to 4 inches

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Before regulator valves size 3/8 to 4 inches
Block the flow of valve in two sizes "and 1 3/4" and the model GS-73-25, GS-74-63 and gas flow to the regulator's task is blocked.
This valve before the regulator and the gas flow path And its main task to manually cut the gas flow in case of need and cut off the electric current in the cathodic protection of gas pipelines is caused by the process Which is located between the network and the consumer gas.
Specifications :
-The possibility of switching the gas flow manually when needed
-Take grease valve on Web Service
-Ease of opening and closing the valve on the environmental conditions specified in the table, or applying proper torque.
- Ability to lock the valve to shut 



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