Turbini gas meter

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Turbine meters are placed in the path of gas flow and gas deal with the meter blades are turning. The rotational speed turbine is proportional to the linear velocity of the gas , Through magnetic coupling mechanically transmitted to the numerator, Turbine flow meters are used to measure the volume of gas consumption. Of course, the gas is filtered and non-corrosive substances. Standards used for this meter include:
 E10204   ، EN50014، EN 50020 ،EN 60529   EN60947 ، EN ISO 5167-1:1991 ، ISO5167-1:1991 ، EN ISO 9001 ،  ISO 9001:2000 ، ISO 2768-1:1989، EN119000  
Turbine flow meters according to the National Iranian Gas   Company up to 24 inches in industrial manufacturing Gas Souzan  company designed and produced (IGS-M-IN-102)



Address: Gas Souzan St ,Industrial Zone, Najafabad , Isfahan ,Iran

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